iPodMeister buys ALL CDs and DVDs in bulk without cherry picking. Best prices paid for used and new CDs and DVDs

Welcome to iPodMeister, one of the few places in the nation where you can still sell an entire CD-collection in one easy transaction without any cherry picking and bar code scanning!
Since 2004, iPodMeister has bought used CDs and DVDs countrywide in exchange for old-fashioned cash. We also exchange used CDs and DVDs for brand new iPads, iPods, e-readers such as the Kindle, external hard drives, smartphones, and the iPad 2 with retina display. All devices are brand new and come with full warranty. We will send you a check for smartphones that require activation.

We offer free inbound- and outbound shipping within the 48 contiguous states. You tell us how many CDs you have and we send you prepaid Fedex shipping labels.

We want to make it easy for you! No cherry picking, title list or UPC/barcodes required.

Different models require different numbers of discs for the exchange (see below). DVDs count like CDs and they can be combined. Boxsets count by the number of discs in the set. Club CDs from BMG and Columbia count as half, as do so-called scratch outs and cut outs.

iPodMeister buys CDs and DVDS for old-fashioned, crystal-clear cash. All music and movie genres are accepted with the exception of adult DVDs. iPodMeister pays more than used record stores because we don’t have to pay rent for a store. We pay by cash, PayPal or corporate check.

Sounds too good to be true? Talk to an experienced buyer in person or e-mail us for a list of references:

877.476.3237 (seven days a week, 8am – 8pm EDT)

Press clippings and websites other than iPodoMeister might contain outdated exchange rates. Club CDs (BMG, Columbia) and cut outs/scratch outs count as half. Penny CDs don’t count towards total. Please reference Eligible CDs for further explanations on Club CDs, Cut Outs, and Penny CDs.
Digitizing –sometimes also referred to as “ripping”- is the conversion of the tracks on a music CD to digital format. We will provide these digital files on DVDs. We do not load any music onto any device.
Because smartphones (and some tablets) require activation and registration at the time of purchase we will send you a check for the price of the smartphone/tablet for new subscribers as stated on the website of the service provider. The checks are regular corporate checks made out to the customer that should be cashed by depositing them into an U.S. bank account. We do not offer unlocked smartphones.
iPodMeister is an innovative recycling company with superior mom-‘n-pop-customer service. We are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Nobles, Research in Motion or any other manufacturer.


Selling your CD’s by entering bar codes is never easy (even if you have a barcode scanner)

Some recent competitors came up with the idea that you should scan the bar codes of your CDs in order to obtain a price quote. Why is that a bad idea and why don’t we offer bar code scanning even though we have been buying CDs for much longer (since 2001)?

Why should you work for the buyer  of your CDs by entering the UPC codes and scanning the bar codes? This is a tremendous undertaking that only benefits the buyer, not you, the seller.

What is the purpose of scanning in the bar codes of your CDs? The purpose is that the seller cherry picks your collection and only buys the best items (offering a pittance, in most cases) while you are left with all the low-priced CDs that are inevitable in any CD collection. You as the seller are basically eliminating any risk for the buyer and you are working free-of-charge to improve the profitability of the buyer. You will never be able to sell the remaining items and your overall proceeds from the sale of your CD collection will be much lower than if you would have sold everything -the good and the bad- in one easy transaction to iPodMeister.

Many CDs don’t have a bar code (most music club CDs, for example) or the bar code does not work (BMG music club CDs uses a proprietary system) or the bar code on your album might have been scratched out or punched out. What are you supposed to do with these CDs? Just toss them? iPodMeister takes all CDs, as long as they are scratch-free and in the original cases with complete cover art.

Websites demanding that you scan the bar codes often reject more than half or two thirds of your items by saying, “Sorry, we’re not looking for this title at the current time. Good luck!”

Only iPodMeister makes selling all your CDs in one transaction really easy. We always pay for free inbound shipping by Fedex Ground (instead of charging you for it). We will give you one price for all your CDs, whether they have an intact, working bar code or not. We will not make you work for hours without compensation by asking you to enter UPC numbers and then rejecting most of the items in your collection.

All it takes to sell your CDs to iPodMeister is to take out bootlegs, and items without complete cover art.

Then count your CDs and box them up.

E-mail us for Fedex shipping labels – and you’re done!



July 17th, 2015

A warning to the competition (in case you are reading our blog)

Kew Gardens Book Pickup 101713

Just a quick warning to the one or two remaining competitors in the New York-area:  yes, you who are like us among the last survivors of the used book- and -CD-trade in the Amazon-age. How many companies are still buying used book lots and used CD collections here in the Northeast? Probably less than a handful. In the New York-area we are usually the only player left who has the men, the money, and the muscle to move large collections.

In case there is anybody still out there and in case you are reading this blog, let us warn you in the spirit of collegiality: there is a Queens-based charity who produces large quantities of sorted out, damaged, and absolutely worthless used books. Tons of them: between 10,000 and 30,000 every month! Instead of throwing them away (which would be the ethical thing to do) this charity has teamed up with David S. (who calls himself a book broker) and peddles these large lots of garbage to unsuspecting buyers, usually newbies.

One of these newbies bought a lot of 30,000 books without making sure that he got what he looked at in the charities’ warehouse. He looked at a large lot of decent books, paid for them, and arranged for delivery several days later. What he then received were 30,000 carefully selected, completely worthless damaged books and penny books. These books are now working their way through the usual channels of the used-book trade in New York (some in lots of as little as 600 books): storage units in default, private individuals in distress, abandoned basements, etc.

These damaged and worthless books spilled out by David S. and the Queens-based charity are like poisoned street drugs that now show up in the most unexpected places. Yesterday,  we made a trip all the way out to Long Island at the recommendation of a local rabbi who led us to a garage full of “donated” books. Turns out that the whole garage was filled with garbage: water-damaged and wrinkled books, books with missing covers, heavily marked up and underlined books, textbooks published before 2002, … and dozens of the usual suspects: Lee Iacocca’s autobiography, Barbara Bush’es memoirs, Howard Stern’s tales, The Bridges of Madison County, Davinci Codes, Mars’ men and Venus’ women, and all the other archenemies of an used book dealer which make my back spasm and my spine stiffen because of the wasted work involved.

Many of the books were stored in plastic containers stolen from Walgreen’s. Watch out, especially if you are new to the book business!

June 14th, 2015

What keeps licensed second hand dealers (like iPodMeister) physically fit?

Book Pick up Bronx Walk up 101113 (3) sm

Have you ever carried 45 banker’s boxes filled with academic textbooks down four floors in a Bronx walk-up building and then down another two sets of stairs onto the sidewalk?

Book Pick up Bronx Walk up 101113 (2) sm

If you have never done that you are probably a investment banker, high powered attorney, or top notch consultant who pays an attractive personal trainer to stay in shape. If you would be a licensed second hand dealer (almost as prestigious as a Wharton MBA) you might just stay fit by occasionally shlepping cartons filled with books up and down stairs until your T-shirt has turned into a dripping wet towel. That certainly beats push-ups or bench presses in the gym because the balancing act of carrying down book boxes for flights of chairs constantly challenges new, unused muscle groups. Isn’t life beautiful?

Book Pick up Bronx Walk up 101113 (5) sm

May 10th, 2015

What does an used book dealer find in the books he buys?

Dear reader, here is another installment of the daily updates in the “Diary of an used book dealer.” We are not meeting incredibly interesting people every day. We also find the most interesting, sometimes cryptic, sometimes revealing scraps of paper in the books we buy. Air line tickets (from carriers like Pan Am), phone bills (remember NYNEX?), intimate letters, faded bills from the drugstore – book marks that reveal who read this book when and where. These book marks might have been left by people whose intellectual interests have changed, who don’t want to be reminded of their youthful political adventures, who have since retired to Florida, or who are not among  us anymore.

All these scraps of personally revealing materials end up in the shop of an used book dealer like us. We sort through the books, take everything out, create little stacks of the puzzle pieces of a persons life, look at them, and sometimes show them around in the office. I always thought it would be a great idea to create a gigantic collage with all the items we have found in the books we buy over the years.

Sometimes we find the remnants of an exceptional “reading life,” like in the books we picked up last night. The handwriting on these notes has something both cryptic and energetic. The handwriting seems to show the determination of the person who read these books to make sense of the world around us through these books. The notes are full of lists and schemata that try to construct a system of bringing order to the world, recognizing essential patterns, and gaining clarity.

Have a look at the small images below which are clickable and link to larger versions of the image that would slow the download time for this page.

what we find in books 1 sm what we find in books 2 sm

what we find in books 3 sm what we find in books 4 sm



April 9th, 2015

Rachana’s Radar

We just had a very pleasant conversation with Rachana who told us that we were on her radar when she was living in Michigan. Recently, she moved back to New York’s East Village with her husband and decided that it was time to get rid of her personal CD collection. Rachana will get a brand new 2 Terrabyte Hard Drive in exchange for her collection. Her husband put his CD collection in an album after throwing away the cover art and jewel cases (probably before he met Rachana) which disqualified him from our trade-in program because we need the original CD together with the complete cover art and the original jewel cases (even if they are dusty or cracked).

We spoke with Rachana about the difficulties of recycling CDs. Music and movie discs shouldn’t be tossed because they are very difficult to break down for the environment.

Footprint of a CD


March 8th, 2015

Meet Robin, who sneaked into Jimi Hendrix’s dressing room when she was 13 years old.

While buying CDs we often meet the most amazing people who not only leave us with their CDs (and all the attached memories) but also fascinating tales of their lives. Isn’t it funny how one’s personal story can be so tied up with the music we listen to at different times of our life? Just flipping through somebody’s music collection and letting the person talk can produce the most authentic historical narrative of one’s path on this planet.

Janis Joplin BX 2

Meet Robin, who made the trip to our loading dock. Robin sneaked into Jimi Hendrix’s dressing room as a 13-year-old (to take a picture, she says). She lived in Manhattan’s theater district, close to many concert venues and star studded hotels. Robin still attends a lot of rock concerts, always in the front row. Recently her musical tastes have changed to include Rap and she has managed to personally meet Busta Rhymes of M&M and the Insane Clown Posse. She never met Janis Joplin but she sold us the beautiful boxset featured above and below. Thanks, Robin, and it was a great pleasure meeting you!

Janis Joplin BX 1

February 7th, 2015

Last week we met an amazing man who has created a whole volunteer organization in Red Hook Brooklyn to help an elderly couple affected by Superstorm Sandy. Kevin organized the renovation of a row house and a garden devastated by Sandy. We were glad to help out by buying a large lot of unwanted used CDs. The proceeds will contribute to the renovation and the lives of two people in desperate need for help from their neighbors.

Occasionally we enter the lives of our customers at times of transition, such as a move, a change in careers, or a major downsizing. It was a truly moving experience to talk to Kevin and to get a flair of the unselfish work he has invested in this project in the last twelve months! Thanks Kevin, it was a pleasure meeting you!

Red Hook Volunteers Clyde013


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